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Diocese of the Midwest, Orthodox Church in America
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Inquiries into Orthodox Christianity
What is Orthodox Christianity all about? How does it differ from other Christian confessions? This section will attempt to answer these questions and many more.

For a visual introduction to the Orthodox Church, please view the video below, for a short presentation on "Orthodoxy at a Glance" please view the PDF, for a detailed look at Orthodox Christianity please see our About Orthodoxy area, and for any other questions, please contact our priest, Fr. John Baker.

The Orthodox Divine Liturgy

Spiritual meditation on the divine liturgy by the holy fathers; Produced by the Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese in collaboration with St. Tikhon's Orthodox Seminary

This Week
Wednesday, July 27th
Akathist, Mother of God, Nurturer of Children, 5:45pm
Vespers, 6:30pm
Thursday, July 28th
6:30am Divine Liturgy
Saturday, July 30th
4:00pm Confessions
5:00pm Vigil
Sunday, July 31st
9:30am Divine Liturgy
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