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Clergy and Council
Rev. Fr. John Kennerk
927 N. LaSalle Dr.
Chicago, IL 60610
Rev. Dn. Andrew Bender
Assigned Deacon
927 N. LaSalle Dr.
Chicago, IL 60610
Choir Director, Rdr. Philip Sokolov
Lay Chairperson, Rdr. Teodor Zajler
Treasurer, Harriet Stratis
Secretary, Kathy Baggs
Ministries & Outreach, Mark Phillip
Member-at-Large, Jim Marks
Webmaster, Dave Widmer
This Week
Wednesday, October 4
No evening services
Thursday, October 5
6:30am Divine Liturgy
Friday, October 6
6:30pm Young Adult Group Event
Saturday, October 7
6:00pm Vigil

The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is broadcast from Christ the Savior every Sunday on Ancient Faith Radio Talk, starting at 9:30am Central Time.

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Christ the Savior Orthodox Church | 927 N. LaSalle Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60610