Jan 10—Ordination of Fr. Dcn. John and Tonsuring of Rdr. Andrew
Photo gallery
Photo gallery

On January 10, 2016, our parish, Christ the Savior in Chicago, was honored to host the ordination of Rowley John Kennerk by His Grace Bishop Paul; who also tonsured Andrew Bender as a reader.

Serving with His Grace during the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy were: Rev Fr John Baker, Fr Dcn Theophan Warren, both of Christ the Savior; and Fr Dcn Alexander Koranda.
Both families were received into the Orthodox Church at Christ the Savior parish—the Kennerk family in 2011, and the Bender family in 2014. The Kennerks will be returning to St. Tikhon’s seminary, where Fr. Dcn. John is pursuing his theology degree.
We are all inspired by their love for God and putting it into action through service of His flock. May all their good endeavors be blessed. Axios! (See photos)
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